* Splash Magazine - Cover

   Issue 6, Vol. 4 April 2008

   Page 14

   "Inspired Pride: David Acevedo" - Cover Story

   By JP

* The News-Press Local & State section

   Thursday, January 3rd 2008

   "Creative CO-OP: It Takes a Village to Raise and

    Artist" Photo by Stephen Hayford

* D'Latinos Magazine

   December 2007, Pages 52-53

   "David Acevedo - Sentimientos de Colores"

   by Adriana Lozana

* Grandeur Magazine

   August 2007 Issue, Page 15

   "Five Things You'll Find at Arts for ACT"

   by Cindy Pierce

* Alliance for the Arts Kaleidoscope

  2007 Angel of the Arts

  New Artist of the Year Nominee

* News-Press Cape Life

   Neighborhood Life Section C1-C2

   Sat. January 27th, 2007

   "Painter's Work Speaks To, Through Him"

   by JL Watson

   2 page article in color

* WFTX4 Fox 4 Rising Morning Show

   Guest appearance - Live painting of portrait of   

   Anchors Amy Wegmann and Jeff Robbins

   Fox 4 Studios Cape Coral, FL

   Oct. 9th, 2006

* WFTX4 Fox 4 Rising's Wild Bill Florida Roadshow

   Live Morning Show from Rythm in Motion Dance  

   Academy in Cape Coral, FL

   Sept. 25th, 2006

  *Created painting "Grand Dance under the Stars"  

   during live show and donated it for auction to   

   benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of SWFL

* The News-Press

   Friday, August 11, 2006

   Half Page Article in Color

   "Stretched Proportions Meet Vibrant Color "

   by Kathy Babcock

   Gulf Coasting Section

* The News-Press South Lee Edition

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006

    Cover Story - Two Page Article in Color

    "Body of Work - Artist Draws Inspiration

    from Human Form" By Kathy Babcock

    Gulf Coasting South Section 

*  Gulf Coast TIMES

    June 22 - July 5, 2006

    Two Page Article in Color

    "A World of Difference"

    by Yohana de la Torre

*  Splash Magazine

    Issue 8, Volume 2, June 2006

    Two Page Article in Color

    "Art: Acevedo"

    by Carinda


*  The News-Press

    Friday, December 10, 2004

    Cover Story - Art Show

    "Festival Takes Art to Downtown Streets"

    Featured Artist Review - Via Artista Festival

    by Mark S. Krzos

* Gaceta Tropical

   October 22-29, 2004 Page 10

   Half Page Article in Color

   "El Arte Dominó el Cuarto Foro de la

   Herencia Hispana" by David Plazas

* Paisano Times.Com

   June 9, 2004

   Half Page Article in Color

   "El Perfíl de un Innovador"

   by Rodrigo Lasso

* Periódico Impacto

   April 17 - May 1, 2003

   Cover Article in Color

   "Exposición de un Puertorriqueño"

   Associated Press

* El Nuevo Latino Newspaper

   May 7 - 21, 2003

   Locales Section

Half Page Article

   "La Tertulia Celebró sus Cinco Años de

   Existencia y la Inauguración de su Cede"

   Associated Press

* Periódico Nuevos Ecos

   May 15 - 31, 2003

   Half Page Article

   "Barravilla Revoluciona Ambiente

   Multicultural en Ft. Myers"

   by Angel Pagán

* The Brazilian Paper - Fort Myers

   October 1-15, 2002

   Review for Opening Reception at

   Café Brazil Restaurant

   "Sucesso! Sucesso! Cada Vez Mais Fort

   Myers é Sucesso!" by Shirley Oliveira

* The News-Press

   Friday, September 27, 2002

   Review "Top Ticket"

   For Opening Reception at

   Café Brazil Restaurant